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6 Things That Make The 90-Day WildFit Challenge Unique

We all start together at the same day.

The WildFit 90 Challenge is not another weight loss program to add to your list of “I’ll do it someday.” It’s been intentionally designed as a timed process to help you achieve significant results in 90 days (and in most cases, less!). The momentum of starting at the same time as other people will keep you inspired and moving toward the body transformation you’ve been wanting for years.

Solid Health Principles

WildFit is a Paleo-influenced health methodology that draws from evolutionary history and modern hunter-gatherer communities. A key principle of WildFit is that “every living thing has a diet.” Through this program, you’ll learn how to eat ONLY the exact diet meant for humans, backed by years of study and research.

Powerful Behavioral Psychology

WildFit isn’t just about food. This program is based on powerful behavioural psychology techniques that help you implement the changes you want, quickly and permanently.

No Starvation And No Exercise

The WildFit 90 Challenge is carefully designed so that you will NOT be hungry. There is also no exercise requirement. This program is about nutritional balance and getting your diet, energy levels and sleep on track so that, when you’re ready, you will actually enjoy (and no longer dread) exercising.

No Special Foods To Purchase

The WildFit 90 Challenge is unlike other fitness programs that ask you to purchase “special foods” or “energy shakes” to complete the journey. All the foods you’ll be eating can be commonly found at your local supermarket. This is about rediscovering yourself, food and your relationship with food.

Work With The Six Human Hungers

Most people eat either far more or far less than they need, and often they do both. In this program, you’ll work with the Six Core Human Hungers to help you translate the messages from your brain into food choices that support your health and longevity.

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“The idea was originally that I lose some weight but this has taken a back seat – while I have already lost 10 kilos. I am happy about that but what is really, really amazing for me is that I am getting my high blood pressure under control more and more. Until now – since more than 10 years, I had to take very strong medication, one pill in the morning and one in the evening, and I was able until now to cut that already in half and this is something incredible.”

(Feedback in Week 10 of the WildFit Challenge)

Amendment: After 90 days, Monika was able to completely stop her bloodpressure medication.

Monika Baur

“I love it so much that I talked my husband into it. […] and he is doing great as well, so now we are a totally new couple with a totally new health. We are still on the program. I think we will do this forever.”

Margrethe Otto Skar

“It was very, very special because I have tried every diet, I have tried everything. As a therapist myself I have been in the hands of very, very good experts – therapists, coaches, experts of any kind – and never has it worked more than a month, 2 months, 3 months, never forever. But with WildFit and with Yvonne as my coach in the program and my participants in the group I managed it.”

Tvilling Tville

“I’ve also counted calories for as long as I can remember and flirted with anorexic tendencies since adolescence; hence, the option to starve myself is more of a reality than choosing a lesser healthy option. Thanks to WildFit, I now understand how to eat, that food can be amazingly delicious, and that I never have to count calories again!”
Amber Scotchburn

“I feel 10 years younger. This program taught me so much about myself, food and my relationship with food. And it was not difficult at all – I did very little exercise through the program. I could not be more thrilled with my results!”
Eli Sæterhaug Løvaas

The 90-Day WildFit Challenge:

90 Days to a New YOU

The next 90 days could radically transform your vitality, fitness and energy levels, weight, sleep quality, confidence and most importantly, pave the way for many more years of healthful living.

 With the support of WildFit Founder, Eric Edmeades, you will learn how to eat the diet intended for us human beings and watch as your body, skin, muscle tone, and energy undergoes a comprehensive and lasting transformation.

The WildFit Guarantee

It’s no accident that the WildFit client stick rate is over 90%. This program has been meticulously created and updated over several years of working with thousands of clients.

We firmly believe that the 90-Day WildFit Challenge will help you meet (and exceed!) your health goals. However, if you complete 80% of the program and are not happy with your results, we’ll be happy to offer you a full refund.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your wellbeing, choose your option below to get started.

Elite Coaching

WildFit Challenge
1890/month or 4,900€ single payment
  • Personal 1:1 Coaching
  • Introduction to WildFit
  • Support via E-Mail & WhatsApp
  • 90 Day Video Coaching Program
  • LIVE Coaching (6x in the first 2 Weeks)
  • LIVE Weekly Coaching (11 Weeks)
  • Daily Check-in Form
  • eBook “Living WildFit”

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Are You Ready to Join the 90-Day WildFit Challenge?


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